Commercial Dough Mixers unwinded

Are you thinking of starting your own bakery or pizza shop? Are you wondering if your local doughnut store could compete with the major market players? Are you wondering if your home pastry recipe could sell? If you answered yes to any of those questions you are probably aware of the importance of dough.

Whether you are on a quest for opening a small family pastry shop, or you are a chef for a big chain restaurant, chances are you might need to buy a Commercial Size Mixer.

There are two general size categories for dough mixers. Counter-top mixers and floor mixers. Usually for commercial purposes, you would be looking for a floor mixer although counter-top version can surly be used for a smaller shop. Counter-top mixers usually have a capacities of 20 quarts* or less. They usually have a maximum of one horsepower on their motors. Floor mixers have a capacities of 20 quarts* or more. On average they have one to five horsepower motors. Allot of mixers out there are belt driven. It is best to look for a gear driven mixer. Most of the Hobart mixers are gear driven.

Commonly most dough mixers can provide multi-functionality performing stirring, mixing, beating or whipping. It is a matter of attaching a proper hook depending on the desired functionality. Some of the major hook types used are flat beater, wire whip or dough hook. The two major drivers of your mixing style are the type of hook and the mixing speed. Majority of the machines have various speed settings. So as an example if you are using the mixing functionality and preparing a yellow or white cake you would be using a faster speed setting. Some refer to this method as the "dump method". This method works best for combining all the dry and liquid ingredients in one step. A slow mixing method would be used for the beginning stage of mashing vegetables or mashing potatoes, mix thin or splashy batters, heavy batters and candies, mix and knead yeast doughs or cut shortening into flour.

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Hobart is one of the biggest and most known players in the food preperation machinery and equipment.

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*quart is about 1/4 of a US gallon which is about 1 Liter